Peanutbar: with pure chocolate and peanuts

Magicbar: dark chocolate, different nuts and dried fruit

Salted caramel: salted caramel with pecan nuts

Cocobar: a soft coconutbar with pure chocolate

Mellowfudge: dark fudge with different nuts and marshmallows

Salted Crunch: salted caramel with caramelized hazelnuts and almonds

Hazelbar: hazelnut caramel with white chocolate and caramelized hazelnuts

Orange: orange flavoured caramel with white chocolate and grated orange

Bluevanilla: vanilla caramel with white chocolate and blueberries

Tiramisu: caramel with rum, Turkish coffee, white chocolate and cacao

Forestfruit: blueberry fudge with cherries and blueberries

Espressobar: dark fudge with Turkish coffee and granola

Keylime: white lime fudge with a cake layer

Red Velvet: redvelvet fudge with a cake layer

NYC: white cheesecake fudge with a cake layer

Marrakech: dark fudge with walnuts and dates

Wonderland: bubblegumfudge with discodip

Heavenbar: almond caramol with cherries

Oreo: dark fudge with oreo cookies


Cinapple: dark fudge with apples and caramelized almonds

Sintbar: white fudge with cinnamon and famous dutch “pepernoten”

Baklavabar: dark fudge with white chocolate, baklava and pistache nuts

Bastogne: white and dark fudge with bastogne cookies

Browniebar: dark fudge with a dark cakelayer

Lavendel: white lemon fudge with lavendel

Passion: white fudge with passionfruit flavour